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marketing projects and campaigns management

Do you miss the manpower to bring your marketing campaigns to life? Or perhaps, as a busy Company Director, you don't have any time left in your day to market your business? 

Outsource your marketing to us and we'll run your campaigns and marketing projects like a swiss clock. Here is just a snapshot of what we can do for you: 

  • develop, run and measure success of your marketing campaigns
  • manage your customer acquisition and retention campaigns and loyalty programs
  • help you with your channel marketing 
  • help you standardise and automate your marketing processes using off-the-shelve software solutions tested and used daily by the clients such as CITRIX, Prudential, Environment Agency, Scottish Life and many others 

How we do it? 

  • write and design all your marketing communications from printed items to advertising and social media content 
  • run your PR & social media campaigns 
  • design and build your web, landing pages and more 
  • content manage your website, write your blogs and keep your web fresh, so that it's loved by your web visitors and Google alike 
  • put together your email marketing campaigns
  • run your customer care and customer satisfaction programs to find out what's stopping them from buying more from you 

6 reason why should you outsource your marketing to us

We are a team of multi-skilled freelancers, with years of experience managing and delivering marketing campaigns. We've worked with a range of clients from small and medium sized companies to big corporations with thousands of employees round the world. We've done our own little customer satisfaction research and here is why our clients said they chose us: 

  1. We've been told that projects that we manage are managed well - and we can be relied upon to deliver them on time and within agreed budgets. Everyone says that, right? But we really do it. 
  2. We're fun to work with.  We have loads of fresh ideas and often do more than the brief requires. 
  3. Our pricing is simple. We either charge an hourly rate for most of our creative services or agree a budget per project. We've been told over and over that we offer a great value for money.  
  4. We are flexible in our arrangements.  We can work for you for a couple of hours per month - or on an on-going basis, for a monthly retainer fee. 
  5. Our work brings results. Which is why we don't believe in tying you into any longterm contracts. 
  6. If you are based in Basingstoke, Hampshire or an easily commutable destination in Berkshire, Surrey, other home counties or London, we can come and work from your offices. Or we can do the work for you from our homes as we usually do and regularly catch up over Skype, phone, chat or email, keeping your cost and overheads down. 

Convinced? We'd love to hear from you. 




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