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loyalty programs for hotels and the hospitality industry

For most businesses, it can cost between 6 to 10 times more to acquire a new customer than to retain an existing one – all the more reason for customer loyalty. Boost your repeat business and increase your revenues. Go on, give it a try!  

Your staff are attentive, friendly and helpful. Your rooms are comfortable, your conference facilities are popular and your food is yummy. Overall, you believe you offer an excellent service and great value for money. So how can you boost more repeat business and save money and time looking for new customers, over and over?

Here are a couple of questions you may want to ask yourself: 

  • Do you know who your top customers are and why do they come to you? 
  • Do you keep their profiles detailing their preferences, past requests and other relevant information?
  • Do you ever speak to your clients after they visit you and ask them for genuine feedback?
  • Do you reward them for their business and encourage them to come back?
  • Do they recommend you on Tripadvisor, Facebook/ Twitter and other social media sites?

If your answer to any of the questions above is a no, you are missing out. Which is where our loyalty program comes in.

7 reasons why should you consider having a customer loyalty program:   

  • Get to know your guests and corporate clients better and entice them back with offers they'll find hard to refuse
  • Increase your repeat customers 
  • Rise above your competitors
  • Create more buzz across social media
  • Get more referrals 
  • Deliver returns on your investment and boost your revenue
  • Take away the hassle of managing it as we'll take care of everything for you 

How does it work?

We’ll profile your corporate or individual clients. Based on this knowledge, we’ll create targeted communications campaigns with bespoke offers. We'll take care of the creative development of all your campaigns, send them out on your behalf and evaluate the results with you.

Not only that. Every time your client stays with you or uses your facilities, we'll ask them for their feedback and reward them frequently with experience of your choice. We'll also encourage them to recommend you via social media and provide you with referrals, for which they'll be rewarded as well. A win-win situation. 

What can you get?

  • Sign up forms with bespoke customer profile information and preference
  • Online customer satisfaction surveys following each visit/ event with you
  • Welcome letter & email sent out to the new members
  • Personalised email communications
  • Direct mail communications with targeted offers & news (anniversaries & birthdays, Xmas, last minute availability, etc.)
  • Comprehensive reporting flagging out any recurrent issues

Your customer's loyalty doesn't have to cost you a fortune!
Worried about draining your budget without getting any returns? Your loyalty program doesn't have to cost a fortune! Our programs are predominantly using digital media minimising our production cost, with the odd printed item for a personalised touch. Programs start from a couple of hundred pounds per month (depending on the number of members) plus a small sign up fee. 

Need more hard evidence? 
Of the 180 hotels in Aimbridge’s portfolio in the US, loyalty programs drive 50% of the occupancy. Well, that's in the US, you may think. Not necessarilly! According to a recent survey by SAS*, UK consumers love loyalty programs too! Nearly 90% use loyalty cards regularly and engaging with a brand emotionally influences the likelihood of making a purchase by 80% of respondents.

Not only that, 50% of us would be more likely to use the business again if offers were personalised. We are comfortable giving our personal data to companies we trust to deliver personalised offers; almost 40% of us opt-in to marketing materials if we think we can benefit from relevant offers.  

That's not all. We can do more for you! 

  • Integrated social media campaigns (facebook/ twitter/ pinterst)
  • Detailed web analytics identifying companies that have visited your web (especially useful if you predominantly cater for the corporate travellers) 
  • Branding & design services including personalised illustrations of your hotel as keep sakes
  • Copy writing, blogs
  • Video production & photography
  • Integrated marketing campaigns
  • PR
  • Web design and development, SEO 

Who will work on your project?

We are a co-operative of independently working marketing, branding, design, social media and web experts, with over century of experience and expertise. Your program will be managed by Andrea, who worked as a Corporate Communications Manager for half a decade for a prestigous membership organisation and who has over 15 years experience delivering and managing marketing campaigns and programs. 

What next?
Contact us now on t 01256 353003 or 07786 170070 or email to arrange a complimentary meeting to discuss how can you benefit from our loyalty program for your leisure or corporate clients. If you don’t consider having a loyalty program offering continuous rewarding experience for your clients, ask yourself how much revenue are you loosing? 

* the leader in business analytics




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